This question is for plumbers only please. Why does my bathroom sink smell of sewer every once in a while?

I bought the property with a violation that the sewer system needs to be connected to the city sewer. I don't understand but I'm thinking this has something to do with my problem.

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    First check to see that your bathroom sink has a trap. Look under the sink, and you should see a P-shaped pipe that will trap water. If the trap is missing, you'll need to install one. Otherwise, the water is somehow disappearing from the trap, which will allow the sewer gas to come out the bathroom sink. Most likely, the vent pipe is not operating properly. Get up on your roof above the bathroom sink and look for a pipe about 1 1/2" or 2" diameter coming through the roof. Are there any obstructions? Does it drain water if you put a hose in it? If you try this, you probably should have someone in the bathroom checking to be sure that water doesn't start coming out the sink. If this fails, you better call a plumber.

    I doubt that your sewer system connection is the problem, unless your septic tank is full. I have no knowledge in this area.

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    I'm not a plumber... :) Having said that, your vent for your septic isn't working properly taking the sewer gas out of the house.

    That stuff will actually make you and your family very ill, you need to get the lines redone and quick, it's methane gas in your home!!

    Especially little kids, the gas is heavy and tends to lie along the floors of the home, so toddlers and crawlers get a much larger dose of it than the tall adults.

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    It could be but, since you only want answers from plumbers I won't bother you, I'm a contractor. Well heck, what the heck, I would make to connection to the city sewer.

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    either the p trap drains and allows the septic gases to enter, or the bath sink isn't used enough and the water evaporates. the only other possibility would be that a back up occurred and there is 'residue' left in the overflow drain of the sink. but, i too am not a plumber, and you imply that only they would be able to tell you, so please ignore this post. just for the record, a plumber will just be guessing, too, since he can't see what's wrong either!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    make sure the trap is installed properly, If it is, pour a small bottle of bleach down the sink and let it alone over night. Otherwise, call a plumber

  • atg28
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    Your trap isn't working well for some reason. If the U trap wasn't installed properly (backwards), it won't trap water properly to prevent the smell.

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