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I need help with college... a cartoonist's help?

I'm so nervous. This is my chance to restart my porfolio once again-and this time it will be given to colleges (I want to be a cartoonist-drawing manga). Do i need some kind of sketch papers? A special kind of pencils? What should go the porfolio? I DONT WANNA BE A BUM IN THE STREETS OR A SLUT! Please tell me what to do first. I need to hear someone who's already in art college. What did u do to get there? TELL ME EVRYTHING CUZ I'M DAD NERVOUS, I WANNA FAINT AND NEVER WAKE UP!!

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    hi. i don't think you really need special papers or pencils. Just use want you feel is comfortable that you like to draw with. I think you should put characters that you make up or draw in your porfolio. I think colleges want to see characters that you can make up on your own. I'm not in college, but still in high school. I draw manga alot. Just use drawing tools that fits you. Thats the best way to develope nice cartooning or manga artwork. I nervous about my drawing to. I do recommend a good binder or sketch book. Good luck with your porfolio

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    An art college should do the trick. Even if you have no interest in fine arts, learning the fundamentals will help in any form of art, including animation and comics.

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