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Cat suddenly acting upset?

I have a cat, about 1 year old, she has been fixed, and is an indoor outdoor cat. Usually she is pretty timid, and while she does get that don't bother me attitude, she is always a nice cat.

This afternoon she started acting strange, when I would pick her up she would meow over and over, almost like she is pain. I checked her out trying to look for bite marks or perhaps other problems but could not find any. During this examination she hissed at me several time (first time she has ever done that). She is not limping or anything, and she has just been hiding out on the bed where no one would mess with her. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this. If it continues I am going to take her into the vet on Tuesday when they open.

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    When your cat hisses when you pick her up or touch her, it is usually a sign of pain. The fact that she is hiding seems to confirm that. See if she will eat and drink and watch if she goes to potty. Since there are no obvious external injuries, something may be going on internally. She may have been kicked or had a bad fall or been side-swiped by a car or something of that nature. I wish you could take her to the vet sooner than Tuesday. But if truly not possible, then keep the cat in a warm quiet cosy spot. Keep her hydrated. If she won drink on her own, see if you can give her water via a med dropper. Anyway, if she eats, that's a good sign - perhaps she is just bruised somewhere. I really hope your kitty will bounce back on her own. Good Luck.

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    If her belly area is tender, she might be constipated. Have you noticed her pooping in the litterbox? If her vaginal area is swollen and red it could be a urinary tract infection. Been through both of those and that's what my cats did. If her belly is distended and painful, it may be constipation, a blockage. No vet or vet tech here so if she doesn't "evacuate" the problem soon, I would take her to the vet like you said on Tuesday or as an emergency tomorrow. Good Luck!!

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    This is why you should have your cat indoors. I never let my cats out for a few reasons. One it gives them the chance to run off and get lost and two it gives them the chance to get hit by cars, eat something they shouldnt, or get hurt in some way. If you kept your cat indoors you would beable to elemant alot of things and beable to keep and eye on your cat alot better. Theres only one way to find out whats wrong with her. Take Kitty to the vet.

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    My cat does this all the time he seems to be content when he lays down and ill pick him up and he'll meow over and over and growl too. It might be a stage or if it continues you might want to see yor vet. GOOD LUCK!

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    Hopefully nothing traumatic happened to her :( but yeah, you definitely should take her to a vet or somewhere she can get help.

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    She either ate something that is bothering her (pine needles, tinsel, button, yucky bug...) or maybe a urinary problem. I think she is too young for major problems.

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