How come the Japanese do not discipline their children?


Let me add I presently live in Japan, and work in the school system. What I observe , and what i am around everyday, is that communities all across Tokyo have very undisciplined children, kids even kill adults who tell them no. And cheating is tolerated on test here. There are many unwritten codes of behavior here, and helping each other, where no japanese kid is held behind is widely practiced here.

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    I think perhaps, you are a JET ALT (^_-)?

    In a junior high school?

    If so, I have been there, and done that. For a westerner, entering such a system can be incomprehensible and overwhelming. It may help to realize that the western school system can be equally traumatic and overwhelming for a student coming from Japan - every person responsible for themself, no support from the group, no sense of place in society, punishment aimed at the person, not the action... In the west, personal guilt is supposed to keep us in line, while in Japan, shame at disgracing your fellows is supposed to keep you in line.

    I think you are generalizing a bit about kids killing others, but it happens, and general lack of discipline is something that concerns the Japanese as well. Interestingly, many generalize and blame it on the infiltration into the society of western values of individuality and me-first mentality, and a loss of shame...

    Elementary school and Junior High education focus a lot on learning your place in the numerous, intertwined and interacting groups in Japan and how to function in them. You'll be more happy to know that most kids shape up once they enter high school, and actually have to pass tests.

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    Obviously living in japan you need to really educate yourself on the japanese customs and traditions. Your supposed to be a teacher? The japanese do descipline their children but just as in every other culture they are getting influenced by other nations and how they behave towards their elderly/parents. Once upon a time it was frowned upon to disrespect the elderly but many of the young of today seem to think they are invinsible and don't care about such desciplinary behaviors. I for one grew up with a strong Japanese influencial background and to this day the same disciplinary measures are in me and I expect the same for any child in my family too. Education, Self-respect, Descipline, Respect and so much more. So as to your question. Yes they do it's not as easy as it looks and as any parent will tell you they discipline but they won't abuse their children..

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    Lol, Asians (including us Japanese) are some of the STRICTEST parents around. Why else do you think we get better grades on average then any other race in the US (a reason why we're not included in Affirmative Action).

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    Are you kidding me? Asians are the strictest parents EVER. A lot of my friends (who are Asian) mimic their parents saying: "No A (in school), you no come home!"

    Asians are really serious when it comes to things, a lot of them do not show much affection to their children. To them, education is the most important thing... my friend from S. Korea got her computer taken away because her mother thought that she needed to "study more". My other friend from Shanghai told me all that the kids do in China is study, study, study.

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    You ain't ever been to my house! I think the Japanese are the strictest parents in the world.

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    I cannot even imagine what you do in the school system?

    I hope that it involves a broom and a mop...your assumptions are not well suited for the classroom

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    What makes you so sure of that? Have you ever been there, or do you just believe everything the media tells you?

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    That is not true of all Japanese, some Japanese do indeed discipline their children

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    All of them?

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    What are you basing this on?

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