How long does it takes to be an IT Professional???

Hi! Im a 1st year college student... major in information technology.

Im passionate about computers and i wanna learn all about IT and CS applications (C++,Java,mySQL,etc.). I still have no idea about this stuffs but i wanna know how long does it takes to master all of these applications and eventually, became an IT Professional.

A Month? 6 Months? A Year? Two Years?

Advance thanks for all those who will reply! ^_^

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    You can master (master means real master) your 1st language in 3-6 months depending upon your ability..Other languages take lesser time after your 1st language..because by that time your logic will be already developed....

    There is a complete world in IT..You can't master each and every thing...So decide a line which would suit you and that will have a good job prospects may take anything between 1 to 3 years depending upon your area of interest..

    Actually there lot of fields in IT like




    Software Development


    Network Programming

    Mobile Programming



    System Programming

    Games Development

    Kernel Programming




    A Piece of advise:

    1 .Start your stunt with C Language

    2. Consult with other working professionals also before deciding your area of interest because you are still a new bee..



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    If you are aiming to become a professional developer it will take 3-5 years after graduation, if you wish to become a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) then you will need 7-10 years.

    On the other hand if your target is IT services and your dream is to become a CIO (Chief Information Officer) then you will need a broader knowledge of information technologies that will include ERP, CRM, Databases and infrastructure systems. That will take 10-15 years.

    Anyways I would recommend you to continue with your studies (in IT and management of business) along with acquiring hands on experience.

    Good luck,


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    The field of programming, help desk, and others are moving accoss seas to India and china. Not a field you want to enter as it leaves US and other higher paying countries. Networking seems to be fairly stable, but does seems to be turning in to temp jobs and not job security. You might want to research first and look what is staying and the demand.

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    Computert you are so FULL of crap.

    Just check and type java and you will get 15.000 offers. type : C# and you will get close to 6000 offer. Going all to India or other countries? That was 3 years ago idiot. They are STARVING to find C# programmers. they ready to pay 110K for them.

    Keep programming and learn C# or Ruby , Java is ok as well.


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    you can easily spend a year or two - if you aren't already acquainted with those techniques.

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