How can you get rid of those stupid advertisements in Yahoo! chat?

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    1 decade ago
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    Do not chat ( the advertisements are the reason that you can chat for free in yahoo site my Friend).

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    It won't do away with them in spite of the undeniable fact that it is going to conceal them. bypass to the backside of your show to the region the place all the icons are. suitable click interior the clean section. Then left click on "Cascade homestead windows". Now any displays you have been on would be lined up merely like a deck of enjoying cards the place you could kinda see them below one yet another (in case you have extra suitable than one open at a time as I in many circumstances do). next you could re-length the show with the aid of dragging on the outsides so the classified ads are hidden - which will help for the suitable part. For the left, merely use the scrol/roll subject which you in many circumstances use to get the text cloth to bypass around from left to suitable it is placed on the backside of the section interior the Yahoo! internet site. with the aid of combining the two, maximum each and every advert will bypass away. with the aid of the way, i'm merely repeating what yet another style person instructed me in the past which helped therapy my subject too, and that i'm merely as mad at Yahoo! for putting that stuff up too - it is totally distracting and could in basic terms gain making me mad. yet each and every so often the subject might desire to be what's referred to as a "back-pop" or "pop-in the back of"- it is, it is meant to stay hidden in the back of your show until you shut it down - yet each and every so often they backfire and canopy the front, noticeably in case you have already sized your show right down to a minimum of a few thing smaller than the size of the back-pop. if so merely click the x subject interior the top suitable corner. some companies could be extremely aggressive and make you shut it down various circumstances, and then Microsoft (or yet another corporation) will post their very own show and say that the "back-pop" isn't responding and you ought to document an errors document, etc. If that's no longer the clarification in the back of all of this, it would desire to be you will might desire to enable your pop-up blocker with the aid of going to the precise of the show, clicking on the ">>", then clicking "kit", then "pop-up-blocker" then "enable" or "turn on" pop-up blocker. merely component of existence, i think.

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