I have Breastfeeding Question??

What are the chances one breast will quit producing milk?

My son favors my left breast and is doing so more and more. He will fuss and cry at my right breast sometimes and then immediatly take the left one when offered!

When pumping today (for the 1st time) I was able to get almost 3 oz from my left breast and only a few drops from my right.

I know my right breast makes milk, cause I've seen milk in his mouth while nursing on the right, heard him swallowing but maybe it doesn't make as much?

Is this a problem?

Should I nurse him on that side exculsivly for a day or two and pump on the left? Would that help?

I've searched that breastfeeding site laleche or whatever and couldnot find anything.

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    I just recently had a little girl 3 days ago and she too favors one breast over the other. I suggest changing positions on the one he does not favor. My Piper likes to be held in a certain direction while breastfeeding so for my left breast (her favorite), I hold her in a cradle position and on the right one, I use the football hold and that seems to be working for her. Maybe this will be the same sort of thing for your son. But, I would just keep trying on your right and if he refuses..just pump it until he takes it easily.

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    If I were you I would try to nurse him on the right first, every time, then at the times when the left is engorged nurse that side too after trying to empty the right. Just getting him to suck on the right will help it produce more. I had this problem -- my left was about 3x the size of the right! -- and this worked for me to even out the supply. I agree with those who say that a different position may help. He will probably outgrow the preference if it's due to position.

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    Sounds like you could have a blocked milk duct. Some milk comes out but not as much as the other breast. I would see your doctor but in the mean time keep giving him the right breast whenever possible.

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    I would offer the right first especially when baby is hungry. I would also pump on the right as often as you are able too also take a hot shower b4 you nurse to increase let down ALSO be careful to not take too hot showers as you breasts will dry out this leads to pain and possablly (sp?) cracked /bleeding nipples . put lanisnoh (sp?) cream on them as soon as your finished pumping . be careful to use both breasts equally as you can develop mastitis that HURTS trust me been there . Good Luck!! Happy New Year!!!

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    at one point in time, where my girl drinks only for comfort. only 1 side is producing milk (very little) while the other don't produce at all.

    How old is your son now? starting solid? if so, there should not be much concern as his requirement should mostly be taken care of thru his intake of the solid.

    Hope this helps.

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    i had the same prob im a mother of 3 and only 1 got breastfed out of the 3 in the end we found out i have flat inverted nipples and a very low milk supply

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    Hmmm, I would keep trying him at the right and try to keep pumping on it as well. Try to find someone locally from La Leche League that you can talk to. As well, this site may be helpful as well: http://www.drjacknewman.com/ Keep at it - you're doing a great thing for your baby!

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