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Is anybody else already hating this year?

Not even an hour and a half has gone by and I find out the guy that I would give up my life for has another girl in his life (he is not offically dating her) and he is counting down until he gets to go to a dance with her :(!!!! I'm just thinking I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life. Hey I've done for basically 20 years what's another 70 or so more?


It's not as easy to dump someone that you love quickly and move on. It's gonna take me a lot of time since I'm not a very social person and he was my first love :/

Update 2:

Whatever I do I give 110% and it's always average wheter it be grades or with people. I just want one person in my life who tells me that I'm something special...I just wanna matter to someone. I mean I know I matter to my family and friends but I'm just searching for one person who can tell me that I mean the world to them.

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    Although I do not know you i'm possitive that you are a very beautiful woman. I sit her thinking about what you say, and i wounder if there could be more to life than just love. Everyday we go through a rutine. All we do is think about love. In my opinoin, i believe in true love, and i would live my life single just searching for it. But hey, im just that sort of person that likes romantic love stories!

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    Now, now try to be more hopeful. You have a lot of things to experience in your life before you commit for the rest of your life. Work on your education and a career. Buy a home that you love, and visit some places you have always dreamed about. There are millions of men out there! You will find someone. Best of luck to you!!

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    Look at the bright side,, it's a new year, you found out he's an ahole. now you can start the new year off right,, good luck and Happy New Year. You are worried about this at 20,, you are young go find yourself a decent guy.

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    im sorry your upset. ive kind of got the same problem. im trying to hang out with this girl i really care for and things just arent looking up.

    dont worry about it, im sure you'll find someone and be happy. it just takes time to find the right person. its a new year, start off with something new and improved! good luck, hope you feel better.

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    Been hating the year for 15 minutes short of a year . . .

    Give me 15 minutes and i'll let you know what the new one looks like . . .

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    You don't need a man to complete you. Walk with self confidence and guys will trail after you for YOU to complete THEM :)

    Think of everything you have to be thankful for. The right guy will come, just be patient.

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    actually, not yet.... you feeling bad?? you tend to forget how fortunate you are. you are not dieing. get up dust yourself off girl! you will read this question weeks from now and burst into laughter. and if you didn't pick mine as the best, you will should have. get your mojo in charge. sit back and watch that guy go bald and get a huge gut. i did!!!! i see guys that i dated when i was younger. and i thank goodness that for whatever reason..i didn't pick him or he didn't pick me. cuz he is ugly now. ha!

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    cheer up the year started bad for u but it will soon be worth it. u can fly to the pacific where its still 2006. good luck and have a happy new year.

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    Quit feeling sorry for yourself and dump the guy. Start dating again tomorrow.

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    Men suck!! I thought I had the perfect man and then he turned into every other man-ignoring me all night. Go do what you can for yourself because no one else will.

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