Pregnacy vs Just a problem????

i had sex unprotected on the 11th of december, yesterday the 30th of december i started my period. I felt light cramping at around 2pm and went to the bathroom and there wasnt really ne thing there but a lot of mucus.... at around 5:30pm i wnt back to bathroom and there was light bleeding not to heavy and light pink.... all throught the night til the next day i didnt have to wear a pad b/c it was so light but when i woke up in the morning i had a small spot of blood..... it was heavier but not really was red though.then while at work i wore a tampon for 3 hours and when i went to the bathroom i only had a stain really small that the tampon couldnt hold... with really bad cramps like nver b4.... at 10:25pm i have be wher'n a pad 4, 4 hrs that had spots of dry blood on it not alot..when i wipe theres much more blood but after a couple of wipe it gets light. the purpose of my askin becuase. this is not normal!!! My period comes way harder, with less tense cramps, can i be pg??

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    This is just happening for you? I have had two children, both delivered by c sections. After my daughter was delivered, since then I get that with every period. I'll cramp for a few days, then have a little discharge, and it builds up to full fledged flooding for a couple of days before it subsides back down to a discharge. It takes 7 days total most of the time. Don't worry about it. The cramps are normal. One fact many do not know, that many times a fertilized egg just passes out, without implanting. So you could be having a miscarriage without even knowing you were pregnant to begin with. I get that all of the time. To be honest, for me it's like a blessing. My daughter is 3, my son is 10 months. I don't need anymore children right now, my hands are full.

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    I don't think you are pregnant. Cramps are NOT a sign of pregnancy. In fact, cramps while pregnant indicate miscarriage (so yeah, that would be a bad thing).

    Of course, this could also be implantation bleeding if it's a lot lighter and shorter than normal. Go ahead and take a pregnancy test. It will be accurate at this point.

    Good luck! =)

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    take a test to see

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