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Which species have relations "facing each other"?

Pardon the ignorance, but I once heard something about how humans were among the only species to "have relations" facing each other......... Do apes, monkeys or chimps have relations facing each other? The only species I am aware of that has relations facing each other (besides humans of course) was some kind of whale...... It'd be ironic if it were the humpback whale.

And my question is serious, so I beg your forgiveness. Maybe you get a laugh out of my ignorance though.

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    Pygmy chimps, also known as Bononbos chimps also face eachother. In fact, they do it in every position, with every age group, and the only taboo seems to be mother to son. Interestingly enough, they are the most peaceful of the social apes. The Chimpanzees that you often see in movies or tv commercials are of a different species, and much more violent towards each other in the wild. It seems that the Bonobos make love, not war. I think that dolphins might do belly to belly, since face to face is impossible if you're a dolphin. They hump for fun as well as people and pygmy chimps.

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