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dual core AMD or Intel core duo?

Which dual core processor give the best performance?

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    Intel for Programs

    AMD for games.

    Either will do both quite well. Right now Intel is on top because they launched there new line of chips and AMD has not yet.

    I still strongly prefer AMD it can run anything I give it.

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    I don't know where everyone has been the past few months, but even the mid-range Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 and E6600 outperform the AMD Athlon FX-62, which is nearly double the price.

    Intel has clearly taken the lead in recent months, ever since Core 2 Duo was released. You can check the benchmarks.

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    AMD all the way. They gave Intel the protocol for making twin middle and sixty 4 bit processors out of a employer generosity. Intel, regardless, nevertheless tries to harm AMD's employer. Plus AMD is ALL-AMERICAN! Intel is Israeli. If that's no longer convincing sufficient then purchase Intel for the warmth component generated, then you definately'll need an area heater/ laptop. AMD remains plenty cooler! Oh and it is plenty cheper!

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    Intel Core 2 Duo

    AMD may be cheaper, but the fastest AMD can't catch up wiht an average Intel Core 2 Duo

    The E6600 is stock speed at 2.4ghz which is estimated to be the same as an AMD at the speed of 2.8ghz

    that is a FX-57, or FX62, AMD's 2 fastest cpus that they have.

    i personally had a FX-57, and when you overclock, they only go to 3ghz (on air)

    The E6600 can easily reach 3.4ghz and have been known to reach anywhere from 3.6ghz to 3.8ghz off of water or extreme cooling.

    that would be an AMD at speeds of 3.8ghz ot 4.2ghz

    which is totally unheard of without extreme cooling such as liquid nitrogen or multi-stage phase changing.

    The AMD FX-62 is at 2.8ghz and cost 500 bucks

    while the E6700 is the same price and at 2.66ghz which is about the same as a 3.1ghz AMD

    The Intel Core 2 Duos are also known for their energy usage

    which happens to be extremely low. that means their heat output is very low as well.

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    Intels core 2 Duo is WAY ahead of AMD's recent processors this has been proven many times....

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    Again everyone except one seemed to have missed it. Core duo is more of a joke. It's the Core duo 2 that is the fastest, but that's IF you use a program that needs the power.

    For games, there really isn't much of difference between the two, it's the video card that is needed for power. It's according of what you want to do with the computer and how much you want to pay.

    Just goto and look at the results (benchmarks) for yourself.

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    depends on what you want to do. i do a lot of online gaming and there is no games that use the Dual Core Processors so i would not even waste my money. AMD is the way to go though

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    Gotta love this question, no matter which way you go with it there is always someone ready to say the opposite.

    My choice, AMD.

    I've used both and AMD has given me great support when I needed it; with Intel it was hard just to get someone to answer.

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    Everybody is wrong!!

    Definitely, Intel Core Duo!!

    Don't wait for quad core, it will be years and years before software will actually utilize it (most software still doesn't utilize dual core)

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    Wait for the AMD quad core!

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