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What is a simple way that you can lock your wireless network so that no one can get on without a password?

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    you need to enable WEP. . . here's how ya do that. . .You should have an IP Address for your router. . . If you don't know it. . . here's the way you locate it:



    type in cmd press ENTER, then type in ipconfig

    Your Default Gateway is your routers IP Address

    type that IP Address in the web browser. . . . It will ask you for a name and password. . . . then .. . click on "Wireless Settings"

    enter an SSID name. . . . .Channel ???

    and Mode

    Security Options


    Authentic Type - Automatic

    Encryption Strength - 64bit


    Key 1: come up with some number. . . and there ya go. .

    make sure you write your SSID name and your WEP key down somewhere.

    If you need more help, please message me. .

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    To prevent others from accessing your wireless network, make sure that WEP or WPA is enabled on the wireless access point plus you need to just allow those devices like your laptop in the MAC list of your wireless access point.

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  • del is the most accurate but in addition you need to make sure that the security key you use is as long and as complicated as you can make it.

    and he is right if you use MAC address filtering then that adds another level of security to your network.

    if you have a malware defence suite like pc-cilin internet security suite 2007 it adds malware defense to your wireless connection as well as all other connections.

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    If your wireless access point allows it (almost all recent models do) enable WPA or WPA2. Just follow the instructions in your WAP's manual.

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