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how can you locate your car?

I sold my car about 9 months ago and just found out the person who bought never put it in his name. I am trying to find out if it is in a tow yard or junk yard and don't know how to find out.

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    If it was impounded, you would be getting the bills :(

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    if you are worried about him not putting it in his name you might get the police to run the vin of the vehicle for you. Maybe he has sold it to someone else. If a salvage yard had it they would have sent in the title to get it listed in their name. They are required to do this in order to have the car on their property. You should be also able to go to where you get your titles done in your state and have it put in the computer that you sold the vehicle. Give them as much info as they need so that they can reference the vehicle as sold. Or you could be dirty and file for lost title. then report the car would recommend doing the last as a last last resort as it isn't to legal to do so.........

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    You should always go to the DMV with the person you sell a car too. Go to the DMV and ask them about this because if your name is still on it and he wrecks it, you could be responsible.

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