why is everyone so afraid of bulldogs?

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    i'm not.

    They just have a bad rep. created by bad owners who train their dogs to be mean. Just like German Shepherds. My 2 German Shepherds would never hurt anyone.

  • Gnome
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    1 decade ago

    Bulldogs have gotten a bad rap over the years because of the training or lack thereof by their owners.

    Nevertheless, there has been so much bad publicity about the bulldogs that there are many insurance companies that will not issue a liability policy if you own a bulldog.

    The same fear that people have for bulldogs also includes Rottweilers. And the sad thing is, that it is not the dogs fault. But they are the ones that get disposed of.

    Of course, any dog is going to be a danger to anyone who comes around if the owner doesn't train the dog properly. This includes even the small ones.

  • Maggie
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    1 decade ago

    I love bulldogs. They are so ugly cute! That is the dog I really wanted when I went to the Humane Society but I fell in love with a Basset Hound. She was 3 when I adopted her but I had to put her down at 12 years old. Broke my heart.

    I was never afraid of a bulldog. People are afraid of them because of the way they look, that's all. They are really very sweet and loveable dogs.

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    Bulldogs were developed for fighting bulls. Back in olden days, and still today in some cultures, a bull's meat was considered to be more tastey if the bull was enraged before it was killed. It was a public spectacle to go see the bulls 'baited' by bulldogs before being slaughtered. It was such a normal practice that dog breeders actually bred for the characteristics of aggressiveness and thick bones, short blunt noses, and vise-like jaws capable of clamping down and holding on for long periods. A pack of bulldogs would be set on a bull in an arena and the fight was on until the point of the bull's exhaustion. It is a gruesome and terrible thing, but it gave rise to a group of powerful breeds of canine.

    Today Bulldogs still look tough and mean and inspire fear in those unfamiliar with dogs, respect in anyone with a decent measure of common sense, and admiration in anyone familiar with them. Most bulldogs are very compatible with people, but still will attack and viciously fight with strange dogs invading their territory. And if they are mistreated and caused to be mean they can be uncontrollable and will even attack their handlers. Most bulldogs are predictable - they will either be docile or full-goose gonzo aggressive plain and simple, not much middle ground. In my opinion Chow dogs are the ones to fear - they are totally unpredictable. They are fine one minute and will eat you alive the next. They will attack kids, especially little ones, if a kid makes too much or too high-pitched of a noise near it. I love dogs but I would never own a Chow.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    When I met my husband he had a 6 month old pit bull. He was quite large for his size, very loving (like most puppies), and a gorgeous color. My husband bought him from a man he worked with who explained how to pick a good pit. Now, I'm not sure as to the validity of the following answer but since I worked for a vet for a summer during high school it seems like a very logical answer.

    The man said that the pit bull breed has a problem with the growth of their heads.... some pits heads do not grow large enough to give sufficient room for the brain. Therefore, if the head is not large enough then there is extreme pressure on the brain which gives them migraines and can lead to them going crazy... causing attacks. He said that when you pick out a pit you should always have a look at BOTH mother and father to see if their heads are large.

    BTW: Our dog was a little over a year old when he was stolen but at that time he was gentle as could be. We have recently considered buying another large outside dog but due to there being so many attacks by pits I have concerns about the state or county passing a law stating no one can own them and I certainly wouldn't want to have to give it up or have it put to sleep so we will probably go with a boxer or a lab.

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    I have 3 French Bulldogs and the only time they scare me is when they fart. LOL

  • Ignorance and media brainwashing.... I love American Bulldogs they are huge sucky babies and incredibly loving dogs.

  • i aint but they look a tough and there have been a few bulldog attacks mainly they have a bad rep.

  • emma b
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not afraid of any dog but if a dog senses that you are frightened then they sense it they are very intelligent animals

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    are you talking about english bull dogs. Ive never heard anyone being afraid of them . or are you taking about pits. im not afraid of any type of dog because its all about how you raise them. but chiuahuas are another story im scared of them sometimes because they are a one person dog.

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