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How To Kiss A Girl (Without Tonge and Not A Peck)?

Im 14 and I've made out with some girls before but it just sorta went straight to tonge. And Lately I was in the begining of a relationship but still couldnt really kiss right. Do I have my lips dry, do I open my mouth? What? Please give me tips!


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    Just do what feels right. Its hard to explain, but you'll be fine because everybody has to start somewhere. Just make sure you're relaxed.

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    If you want to impress a girl. In the middle of while you are kissing her lips, stop and slowly, softly, kiss each eyelid (if she keeps her eyes open at this point you probably should freak out and run into the night). Be slow and deliberate about this. Enjoy it and let her enjoy it.

    When you are ready to kiss her again, concentrate on her lower lip. For some women this is a very erogenous area. Don't suck her lip into your mouth, but gently kiss and caress her lips with your lips and tongue.

    Don't worry about dry lips etc. Nature has a way of providing sufficient lubricants. Most importantly, enjoy the process of kissing each other, kissing is not the goal, intimacy is.

    Give her a kiss for me (and her mother too, since I'm older much older than you, hell maybe even her grandmother).

    Have fun. Adolescence does come to an end eventually; usually about the age of 45 to 50 for males.

    Take care! Good Luck!

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    Moisten your lips - Go in for the kiss (lips closed) sort of peck and open your mouth, her mouth will open too.

    The secret isn't to be a racehorse with your tongue - Slow circles around her tongue, when you kiss her you need to show her your passion - Run your hand up and down her back, carress her butt, etc. When you feel the saliva building in your mouth, end the tongue part, swallow and do it all again.

    Just go with man, be confortable, enjoy it, take your time and you'll be fine. Dude I remember back then being nervous because I was a crappy kisser - I wasn't sure what to do to make it right - Yes practice but a lot of the times I remember trying to hard, thinking the whole time and not enjoying it - - Thats the key man just relax and enjoy it - Be slow with the tongue - Good luck

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    I hooked up with this guy and BOOM straight to tounge.

    It was so stunning in a bad way. Well just kiss like move you lips on there lips kinda like pulling but not really. Then slowly you open your mouth and stick a little tounge in it

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  • i like it when the guys lifts up my chin when im looking down and does a gentle press of the lips as he over laps his bottom and top lips over my bottom lip....either that or i love it when a guy peck but they do it like 6 times in a row like quick pecks but not to quick...i hope it helps lol

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    Keep your tongue in your mouth and u can bite lips or cover her lips with yours massaging them with your lips upper lips lower lips.

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    Just be natural. Do as you feel, what you like, the way you like it. Concentrate on your feelings. They know much better than instruction manuals! And... enjoy!

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    Depends which lips you're kissing... :P

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