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Get fast at speed stacks?

I just got a speed stacks for Christmas, and I'm far from good. My best times are:

3-3-3: 4:44

3-6-3: 7:05

Cycle: 23:07

HELP! I REALLY want to become good at this, but I just don't see how you can become that good. I'm practicing like crazy, I'm trying to find other poeple to race, but no luck.

HOW TO THEY DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    hey, i am 13 and i can get around 10 on the cycle, i have only been practicing for 4 months. how old are you? try handling the cups with a light, soft touch. Also, you can buy super stacks off of the speed stacks website. Super stacks are weighted cups that work like a weighted baseball bat, they train your muscles into thinking to work harder, and when you switch to the plastic cups your hands feel lighter. Practice whenever you can, and race as much as possible. Also, for about 5 minutes, try doing the shuffle and stack with your eyes closed (on the dvd). Hope this helps!

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    Wooh.. now this is a stressful game, or game, or in spite of. i attempted it for particularly, concept it may be elementary. i could not get previous 17 seconds. 17, 17.23, a pair of month and a half a'fore I stop :/

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