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I got a video Ipod for Christmas, and know nothing about it...this may be a dumb Ipod question, but...?

Do I have to keep everything I download to my Ipod downloaded on my computer. This is taking up way to much space...what do I do...enlighten me with Ipod common knowledge please.

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    You can set your iPod so that you manually manage your music. You can delete the music from your computer without having to lose it from your iPod. However, if anything happens to the iPod and you lose the music, you no longer have it on your computer to replace the music. This can be a huge problem should your music be removed from your iPod. You may consider investing in an external hard-drive.

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    "Joy M" is right - you also might want to buy blank CD's and burn your music onto them so you can have a backup in case you lose your music/videos from your iPod somehow.

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