I want a sandwich!!!?

I have been a vegetarian for several years now, and I enjoy it, but sometimes I just want to be like a normal person and make a sandwich to take to work for lunch! I don't like tomatos and cucumbers, and don't eat cheese, so I don't have any ideas.

Has anyone tried any lunch-meat style tofu that is actually any good? Any other ideas? I haven't had any luck.

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    Slice up some Tofurky lengthwise and make a sandwich out of it.

    Buy mock chicken (seitan), chop it up, and mix it with Vegenaise/Nayonnaise and any chopped vegetation of your choice. Voila, mock chicken salad sandwich.

    Make some tofu scramble and serve in a pita with whatever vegetation you like. You'll probably have to store it in a container and assemble it at lunch time, or it will be soggy.

    Slice up veggies lengthwise, drizzle with olive oil, grill, and make a veggie sandwich. Add some refried beans and/or veggie cheese to the sandwich. Mmmm!

    Make a vegan grilled cheese sandwich with vegan cheese and vegan margarine. Serve with tomato soup. Yum!

    Buy some vegan burger patties and make burgers for lunch. You can add vegan cheese if you like. Ooo, sauteed mushrooms and onions would be great with this!

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    You can also try a vegetarian sub. Take a loaf ( French/ whole wheat, with/ without seasoning). Cut into half and put lettuce, cucumber, onion, jalapeños, olives, cheese (I put pepper-jack cheese) , tomatoes, mushroom. Put some pepper and salt for taste. Also put some mustard sauce, relish, sour cream over it.

    You could also try tofu sandwiches. They are good.

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    my friends always complain that there are no sandwich recipes for vegetarians. well, they're so wrong.

    * "chicken" sandwich:

    take a can of chickpeas, mash them with fork, add pickle relish, mustard, some mayonnaise, salt, pepper (anything you would make me*t sandwich with). spread it on bread. you can also put lettuce in sandwich.

    * "fish" filet sandwich:

    brush the slices of extra firm tofu in milk, them breadcrumbs, then milk, then breadcrumbs again. place on a baking sheet and bake for about 23 minutes. serve on bread with mayonnaise and/or veggies of your choise.

    * textured soy protein "sloppy joes":

    in a frying pan saute onions and bell peppers in water. when mostly cooked add textured soy protein, mustard, chili, salt, soy sauce, pepper, sugar. cook for additional 20 min. serve on bread.

    Source(s): I am vegan myself.
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    Hummus and spicy baked tofu (together!)

    Guacamole and veggie burgers.

    These are odd combinations but tasty.

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    check your larger health food stores, such as whole foods. they make fake meat "deli meat" and soy nut butter, as well as peanut butter. if you're not vegan, you can have egg salad or potato salad

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    tofu sandwichs are really good! try it!

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