This is an honest question no offense intended.... In your religion is masturbation a sin? Why or why not?

I am just wondering about the various beliefs in different religions about masturbation and why or why not it is considered a sin in different belief systems.


Just so you know I have no religion and I think masturbation is normal and natural, I was only curious to know the various views about the practice in organized religion... personal opinions are also welcome.

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    There are differing opinions among the scholars of Islam, but generally they say if you have such a great need and are able, then marry. If you are unable to marry, then fast because fasting diminishes sexual power. If that doesn't work, then to keep yourself from having premarital sex, it's ok. It's the same with everything. For example, eating pork is not allowed, but if you absolutely must to stay alive and nothing else is available, there is no sin on you for doing so to stay alive. It says it right there in the Quran.

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    This is not the first time I have answer this question; however, my only request is your get out a Christian bible and read the cited verses.

    There is no mention of masturbation in the Christian bible. 1 Cor 6:9-20 comes close, but masturbation is not specifically mention.

    The biblical culture has men and women becoming engaged early in life, per teens. Moreover, a man many have many wives. If there is an issue of masturbation, it is not discussed. It is not forbidden in the 613 commandments given to Moses. And for Christian, 1 Cor 10:23-24 is the only restriction.

    From the Judeo-Christian point over view, God did not tell us about masturbation. So we are left to decide this ourselves.

    Source(s): Christian bible
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    Masturbation.. aw the best way to meet a better class of people.

    No Sin there hon, its natural and safer

    Blessed Be

    wait, Where in the 10 commandments does it say thou shall not Master bate?

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    No . Is a wet dream a sin no. Its a natural thing to do when you have no other sexual partner and need to rid your self of sexual needs.

    The idea came about from misinterpertng verses of the Christian Bible that have more to do with Farming to bring in larger yeilds.

    And times when people of both sexes should refrain from having sex to not pass on sexual dis-eases.

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    Babies do it. But as for adults, I see it as a lack of self control and Christians are never to be a slave to anything other than Christ. He gave us power over fleshly desire. Christians should also avoid lusting, which is pretty much what goes on in the process. It's tough though. I ain't perfect. And come on, it attached to us. It's not like we can get away from our own genitals. It's a lot harder if you aren't married either. There is no real good way to release tension. But I can't judge anyone. I got a plank in my own eye if you know what I mean. I also know that God is very understanding of our human weaknesses. If it bothers someone, they need to give it over to God and let Him help them break the habit.

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    It is said that if a man spills is seed it is a sins. This is referring to masturbation. In the Old Testament there's a story that tells of a woman who's husband died. Custom called for the Brother of her Husband to take her as His wife. Her children would then be heirs of her dead husband and not the brother. So the brother would spills his seed when he lay with her. Because of his sin, he dies. She then married another brother and the same thing happens. He spills his seed and he too dies. This woman eventually has to trick her father-in-law into to sleeping with her in order to produce an heir.

    Source(s): Genesis 38:7-26
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    Masturbation is a sexual act. If it is used by degrading another person or as one watches the degradation of another such as in pornography, then yes it is wrong. It is based not on love.

    If masturbation is used when a loved one is absent or unable to participate and is done with that loved one in mind - no.

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    well Kelly, whilst many religions deride humanity for their pleasures and condemn them to various hells for experiencing thier sexuality, their not too far off the mark but for all the wrong reasons according to what we believe. our sexuality is the primary force of our lives and learning to control the process of that force is a major factor of our spiritual development, through masterbation we can learn to control our sexual energies so that when we are engaged in the act of love making we can experience each other with an awareness of divine consciousness. a profoundly more intense experience than the hump and squirt that most people experience!

    Source(s): for more info search tantra on the web there are some good sites out there. but do be careful you dont want to end up at some devient cult site! that wouldn't be good
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    Some Christians believe it is a sin. I prayed about it to God. It is a sin if it is adultery or idolatry of the heart.

    It is OK to do it with spouse.

    There isn't anything specific about it in the bible.

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    ever heard of the Church of Priapus? They actually use masturbation in worship. So not all religions believe that sex is morally wrong.

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