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What's the worst answer you've EVER seen on Y!A? The best ever? What about the worst & best questions?

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    Probably any of those

    Did you know that the 9:11 incident was an inside job questions.

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    the worst question ever was: could you walk on a cloud? the answer was yes. lol

    and the best question ever was?

    Let suppose that I have a very very long metal tube that extends from?

    Our solar system all the way to the center of our galaxy. Now my question is if I push the tube back and forwards does the same event happens in the center of the galaxy? Does the other end of the tube move too at the same instant? I know that noting cannot travel faster than the speed of light.

    the answer was:

    No it does not. Even when you push a 6 inch long metal tube the other end does not move simultaneously. It takes a small amount of time for the information to propagate down the length of the tube. What happens is that be pushing at one end you compress the atoms in the rod near you, this in turn pushes the next row of atoms and then the next row of atoms, etc. The propagation of atoms is compressional wave down the length of the tube. If you push the end of a very loose spring you can see this wave propagate to the other end. This metal rod is like a very stiff spring.

    So you can not send information faster than the speed of light, even by pushing a very long rod.

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    The worst thing I've ever seen on Yahoo is the bigotry towards everyone with a different sexual orientation, color or religion (aka ***********). The best answers in my opinion to these idiots is the ones that make him & others look like a fool with sarcasm

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    To me the worst answers or questions are from people making racial slurs against others. I have seen questions making fun of of somebody other than their own racial group, sexual group, or financial group.

    The best ones are the honest ones where a person is actually seeking our help with whatever their situation is.

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    I have answered so many questions that I forget.

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