a bored toad?

my toad always seems to be so bored. she is happy & very healthy. i have her with three frogs, so i know she couldnt be lonely but she just sits under her log & doesnt move except to eat (even then she lets it come to her) or get in her water. she occasionally gets on top of her log but thats about it. she is in a 20 gallon tank, so she has plenty of room. i get her out when i can but she always seems bored. i want the best for her. i have plants, a water bowl, a log & a little house thing for her to get under, but she never seems really active exept for when i get her out. she like a completely different toad when shes out of her tank. shes more alert, looks happier, & her eyes even look brighter. most people never get there toads out so i know its not necessary. i get her out about once a week for about thirty minutes to an hour. shes not really lazy...well just in her tank, or seems to be. do you have any ideas on how i could keep her less bored & more active? pleaze help me!!!!!


she is a captive frog from a petstore so i cant let her go & i dont want to get rid of her or any of the frogs. the frogs are from a petstore too!

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    Have you tried rearranging her turf?

    Have you tried giving her new places to explore?

    You don't have to let her go. Toads can be perfectly happy as pets. I had a Pacman bullfrog who got to be the size of a dinner plate. He was as happy as can be, but I had to keep spicing up his habitat to keep him wondering. :)

    You also might want to spice up her food. Do you give her the same stuff every day? Try giving her a treat every now and then!

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    Try Letting your toad outside for 30 minutes at spring

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    In my experience as a toad owner,that is just the way they act.Mine would occasionally have hopping spells at night or just after a good soak,but otherwise,they just stayed dug under their substrate and only came out for food or water,like yours.They have to hop around in the wild ,to find food,but if it's too cold,or too dry,they will just dig under the ground and stay there for weeks or months.Toads don't need a lot of exercise.LOL It sounds as though she is doing fine.Do you feed her live food?(earthworms,crickets,etc.) That always got mine moving.Good luck with your toad!

    Source(s): have kept pet toads.
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    Three words




    Source(s): I don't know where you live, but if it is warm climate area please put her back in the wild.Frogs too. I usually keep my toads or frogs a couple of weeks , or until I am tired of catching bugs to feed them (c:
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