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I need help i cant stop cheating on my girlfriend?

Is there someone I can talk too. I feel really bad because she is amazing and I love her too much to loose her, and I need help.


I need help!

Update 2:

Thanks guys i'm f**ed up should i see a shrink about this?

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    Depends upon why you are cheating.

    There may be many unresolved issues in your life, or you may have some impulses that others do not suffer from.

    Please talk to a trained professional

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    If you really "can't stop" cheating on her then you very well might have some emotional problems and will need the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. Seriously.

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    if you love her, then you are right you have to stop being so disloyal. imagine the position she would be in if she found out!! If you can't help yourself when your around them, then just stay away from girls that make you feel as though it's alright to cheat, because no matter what people say, it isn't. I know how you must feel though... You just have to have a little self control. Be strong. do it for her.

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    Sorry to make you feel worse, but if you love her so much then why did you cheat on her? If you want to make things right, you need to tell her that you cheated (if she finds out, there's no hope buddy) and see where things go from there.

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    If you actually did love her then you wouldn't cheat on her because you wouldn't want to hurt her. That's love. You need to do what's best for her and let her go. You would prove yourself to be very selfish and cruel if you kept doing what you are doing. Ask yourself if she deserves what you are doing and if you deserve her.

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    first tell her you cheated so she doesnt find out later tell her your really sorry about( also before this you should take a little while to realize why you cheated) if shes the understanding tye youll be fine. iff not your fuc*ed

  • 1 decade ago are the one who cheated. You are the one who is dishonest. There is a reason you need to figure it out for yourself. IM me if you wanna talk

  • if you love her so much and she's so amazing, why do you cheat on her ?..doesn't exactly make sense to me.

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    Stop cheating on her.

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    yes thats what shrinks are for.

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