what is this phone service call?

i forgot but i've seen this advertisement about this cellphone service, ummm... you only pay a certain amount of money each month and you get an unlimited call, may i ask what it is call and is it better than verizon, because recently verizon have been dropping my calls a lot, please and thank you

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    ummm i think you meant cricket right? i saw advertisements about it, ummm depending on the service you can get unlimited call and txt etc... http://www.mycricket.com/ you can check it out there but i too uses t mobile ^..~

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    Both Cingular and Tmobile have unlimited nights and weekend. Tmobile have family plan that allows you to call Tmobile customers with unlimited minutes. Or if you want an individual plan, Tmobile have so called Fave 5. Which means you can set up 5 numbers of the people you call the most for unlimited minutes.

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    1 decade ago

    CellularOne has different unlimited minutes packages. I think they are either 50 or 100 a month depending what area you want. It all depends on where you live who has the best service. cellone isn't worth having here, but some places they say it works just fine.

    Source(s): t.v. ads...very displeased cellone customer who switched to us cellular and couldn't be happier with the service
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    its proably Metro PCS if you live in the San Fransisco Bay Area

    $40 bucks a month, unlimited calls.

    Or if you dont live here, its proable T-Mobile: Myfaves

    It lets you call 5 people, any network, unlimited.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    T-Mobile? I think they are the best no dropped calls, plenty of options.

    I've been using them for 3 or more years.

    The are the best!!!!

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