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HELP With Wacky Scholarship...?

Well Im entering into this scholarship contest and it requires me to make a free account on their site and post pictures, videos, or blogs. The site and scholarship are circled around issues facing the world today. Issues meaning anything to do with politics to environmental topics. So I love taking pictures of things like a hobby and decided to post pictures as my entry into the scholarship. My idea is based around recycling. So I need help on some ideas, since my grandfather recycles bottles for cash, I have hundreds of them here, and wanted to do something that made the idea of recycling stand out. Here are a few clues that I wanted to use along with the bottles, but just want help on raking in ideas with these clues: water, global warming, pollution, littering. It would be a very great deal of help for me if anybody could help me get some ideas on what I could take pictures of dealing with recycling... and these bottles. lol

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    Add up how much power is saved by recycling the bottles and calculate how long you could run a microwave off of that much power and how much gas was used to make those bottles and how much smog was put in the air while making them.

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