If you have a Business Administration degree what do you do and how much do you earn?

Im planning on getting my bachelors in buisness administration and Im not sure on all the careers or jobs I could chose.If you have a degree in business..what do you do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am a freshman majoring in business administration with a management track and i have always wondered this myself so i'm minoring in sociology and electronic media and film to help shape my future a little better . I'm not sure how your school does it but at my school, we have to have a concentration/track such as finance, human resources, e-business, management, etc. when majoring in business administration so that would also have an affect your career also. Business is a very popular major and you might either want to involve yourself in programs such as traveling abroad or minoring in something that interests you to let yourself be set apart from the others and possibly guide you toward what industry you would like to pursue because you could probably get managment positions in different fields. This website has pretty useful, i used it when applying to colleges


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