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Why doesn't Christmas make me happy anymore?

I used to LOVE like absolutely love Christmas. But now that I'm older (mid 20's) I just find it a hassle to try to get a gift for everyone I'm supposed to. I still enjoy spending time with my family but it just seems like the holidays come and go uneventfully the last 3-4 years. Does everyone go through this at my age? Alot of people I've talked to that I grew up with or are around my age feel this way. After Chrismas this year I felt a little disappointment that it was over but also relief because there's so much hype... Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

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    Well, overthinking is allowed here at yahoo answers. I think that as a person gets "older" Christmas becomes a kind of milestone (marking another year). Which can be good or bad depending on how the year went. The stress involving gift giving can be great-- I try not to wait til the last weekend before Christmas to buy gifts. Way too much traffic and most of the good stuff has already been purchased. One idea: ask your close family members if they want to be surprised or if they want to give you a wish list (eg a person can list 3 items that they'd like to get and you can pick one of those items-- they get something they like and you don't waste time and $ buying em an electric ice cream scoop). Happy New Year!

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    When we were younger, our parents did all the holiday rushing around. As kids we didn't realize all the work that went into making a holiday like Christmas magical and fun. It's work, but it's also a time to do nice things for people we care about. Doing that early and within our financial means is the smart way to greatly reduce stress. Stress kills the holiday spirit, and we are constantly reminding ourselves that a return to reality and work is just around the corner. So, remember to take some time for yourself, your loved ones and your best pals. Go ahead and play that Christmas music while you clean your apartment or house, get outside and enjoy the lights and decorations, visit friends you haven't seen in a long time. Send those Christmas cards out and enclose a little note if you like. Donate old clothes to a Homeless shelter, canned and boxed foods too if you can. Or make a small donation to a Shelter or charity of your choice. See if there is a local holiday concert and go to it with some friends, have a nice little dinner together before or after. Our holidays may be brief, but we can get the most out of them if we try. Wishing you many Merry Christmases in the future

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    A lot of people forget the true meaning of Christmas. I understand your feelings because you have recieved gifts n the same day each year and it has been a day where no one can be surprised. Don't worry, I have the same feeling sometimes,but to get over it, I remind myself of the true meaning of Christmas, which to me is peace and love for everyone on Earth.

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    I think it's because we have grown up and realize what's "really going on." I don't think we knew AT ALL what our parents went through during Christmas, to make us happy.

    I also believe that the more we take Christ out of Christmas, the more commercialized, the less important Xmas will become.

    Why have Christmas if we stop celebrating the REASON for the season???

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    Its becuase you have changed. When you were younger it didnt matter what ind of presents you got for other people because it was just always cute. You just mostly liked the idea of getting presents even through we wont amidt it. You have just changed and relized that christmas is about giving but it is hard with the crazy shoppers, but hey, everyone (almost) has to deal with it. Hope i helped you out and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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    I feel the same way. The problem is that it has become very commercialized. I am going to start changing the way we do Christmas and focusing on enjoying family and creating the holiday spirit that every year seems to diminish more and more.

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    I feel the same way, It's all BS. Just a scam to spend and pretend to be happy and then after the celebration is over everyone is back to being evil again.

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    Because Christmas isn't about gifts. It's not about exhausting yourself trying to find the right presents or getting what you want. It's about Jesus Christ.

    If you came to know the true meaning of this day, that God gave us His son to reconcile us back to Him, then you would have a joyous experience of Christmas, and of everyday life, always.

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    Your anticipation and excitement are not the same as when it is a mystery, surprise, and something pure to look forward it is much more a burden, expense, pressure, stress, etc, but with that "touch" of excitement that you want to remember or bring back from your youth...bottom line, much more responsibilty now and not enough reward!

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