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A sedentary person during 4 years can become a professional football player at age 23?

Due to personal and work reasons, I stoped playing pro football (soccer in america) at age 19, and now, would like to know if training hard in 6 months am I capable to be fit? During the last 4 years I´ve been tottaly inactive, just working on the desk. Anyone with physiology or physical training knowledge can give me any information about how my body could react? I used to be a goalkeeper.

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    I am sure its possible.. but I think the real question is how much are you willing to sacrifice to get there..... and will 6 months be enough time... Do you have someone to push you in training? If not you might also consider how motivated you are to do this....

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    Unlikely, but you could put in effort training. You won't be as good as Fabregas or Ronaldo without natural brilliance, but if you might end up at Leyton Orient if you practice skills. use a small skills ball for practicing trapping the ball and reaction, use a size 5 ball for shooting and passing.

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    its doubtful they would even give you a look but you can try. its going to be very painful to get back in shape.

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