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Why is it that the dumbest IT questions seem to originate in South Asia?

I am noticing a lot of stupid, grammatically incorrect questions with lots of spelling errors. Companies are outsourcing there and they are frustrating people in the U.S.! It would be better to hire people in the U.S. than those guys over there!!!

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    You can thank 25 years of Republican rule for the outsourcing obscenity... not only is it "stoop" labor for IT, its subsidized by the US government in a sick example of corporate welfare at the cost of American jobs.

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    Answer this question to yourself.. why do companies outsource the manufacturing of products such as the pants or shirts you wear?

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    Asians are one of the smartest people on earth! You need to put that pipe down dude.

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    so you expect ppl all around the world to have the same standard (english) as you? you try to pose your questions in chinese to be read by readers in china, and see how stupid you looks to them.

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    i dont understand the question at all so can you please explain it then i might be able to answer it.

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