When the world is going around at a million miles an hour and you're standing still, what does it look like?

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    If the world is spining at a million miles an hour. By my calculatings a day would only last 1.5 minutes. That leaves about 45 seconds of day light.

    So something like a 70's disco with a slow moving mirror ball.

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    When you say "the world" I assume you are talking about Earth. Earth's rotational speed is 1038 mph at the equator, and 700 to 900 mph at mid-latitudes, nowhere near one million miles an hour. If you really want to know how it would look like going around at a million miles an hour I suggest you spin around until you cannot handle it any longer and try to stand still, now your surroundings are going appear as if they are spinning around you; try to imagine that a hundred million times faster! I would normally test that theory before submitting it, but I just ate. My guess would be that it would just look like a blur, or maybe it would look like the world is flickering, like the propellers of an airplane, or rims of a speeding car.

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    Mikey, if the world was spinning at one million miles an hour, we would be spun off it. Not a bad idea actually for some people. Second, if it were possible to view the world spinning at 1,000,000 miles an hour, it would appear as a blur. Not too bad of an idea for a politician who wants to send our soldiers to Iran, right?

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    This phenomena of speed can be best demonstrated by watching the sky at night. Pick a star, plot it by compass the come back in half an hour and plot the same star. That star is no longer in the same place. Now answer your own question; what does that look like?

    Have fun.

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    depends on where you're standing :p

    if you're in outer space.. then it would probably look like.. uh.. like the world is spinning at a million miles and hour :)

    but if you're standing on earth.. i don't think you'd notice at all. since you'd be moving at the same rate as the world.

    you'll probably just think the moon is moving abnormally fast, haha :p

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    If you are talking about a planet like earth and your standing still (on the surface or in the atmosphere) It will look like to you that you are standing still(i.e if you stand up at the computer/laptop you are at then that is what it looks like) now if you were looking at a planet from space ( or a place void of atmosphere) then you would either be dead and therefore not able to see or you would (determined on the distance) see the planet rotate. ( this is from newtons laws of gravitation) or rotate around the planet and it would be like you standing at your computer/laptop . or if you are too far away from the 'world' (i have assumed a planet) it will appear stationary like you.

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    You are just moving with the same velocity of the Earth surface so you encounter no relative motion. what about that the earth is moving in the space with thousands of kilometers per second, we measure only relative speeds not absolute.

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    Since we're on the earth and spinning at the same speed, I doubt we'd notice much.

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