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hair damage....?

ok, ive been using a straightning iron now for about a year and a half and my hair now is totally damaged, i use spritz when i do my hair, when i take showers i use alot of conditioner [tresemme] and when i get out of the shower i can't brush my hair that good, its way too tangled, is there any repairs for this? or anything i can use, maybe some good working spritz, while still straightning my hair?? my natural hair is crappy, its wavey and kind of puffy so i would not like to stop straighning my hair...any help?

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    First of all using spritz is not helping at all it is making it worse. You need a deep conditioning treatment. Not Tresemme. You can get a treatment at a salon for about the amount of a hair cut. If your hair is so damaged that if you rub it between your fingers it sounds like a Brillo pad then you need all the damaged cut off. You need to be using a heat protectent on you hair before you use the iron. You do not have to go and spend a fortune to have someone else to do your hair just pay a few dollars more for what your stylist uses. Hint: Pureology is the best on the market period. It does not take a lot to do the job so it will last a long time.

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    Try using Redken's All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner and they also have a heavy cream conditioner you could use a couple of times a week. Then you definitely need to purchase some high quality protection for your hair to use before you straighten your hair.

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    since u would not like to stop straighening your hair, i suggest why dont u go to a hair saloon to do the long lasting stainghtening 1... it's not just long lasting, it can also made your hair seems healthy at the same time as your crappy,wavy hair had became straight and smooth... and straight hair defitnetly detangle your hair... but remember, after you do the long lasting straightening, you still have to do treatment for your hair often...such as hot oil treatment or hair mask

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    They sell special straightening spray basically anywhere and it protects your hair when you straighten it so you should get that. Don't brush your hair when it's wet. It damages your hair and creates split ends so dry your hair before brushing it.

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    Do you flat iron it every day?? Try to do it only once or twice a week.

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