How to deal with ADHD husband off of medicines.....?

My husband used to take Ritalin when he was a kid around 7, then went off around 12 or 13. He hadn't taken any ADHD medications for years until I came along and was fed up with him quitting jobs on a spur and getting fired from jobs for hyperness and lack of concentration. He went to doctor was re-assessed and found to still have ADHD as an adult and was put on Strattera. Strattera chilled him out too much, he slept all the time and never ate. Then he went on Adderall XR about 2 years ago, and he has been showing bad aggression and signs of mania, which we believe are caused by the Adderall, which is just pharmaceutical Meth. He's weaning off of the Adderall and his goofiness that I love is coming back, but he's overbearing! I forgot how annoying he can be! I've told him about 200 times today to knock it off, he's annoying the f*** out of me! He's like Jim Carey in Ace Ventura times 800, and I can't press the pause button or throw away the movie. Help! Any suggestions?


He also has bi-polar, oppositional defiance disorder, anxiety, and intermittent explosive disorder. Doctor is not medicating him for the rest of the problems and does NOT listen to my husband at all!

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    You need to both go to the doctor. I am a 36 yo boy in a similar situation to your husband.

    This sounds harsh but get a better doctor. It may take a little time but you can modify the medication to a successful formula for you!

    You may even need to modify diets, it can be helpful to jot down a diary of food/ behaviour to remove offending items. The key component is consistancy with medication.

    I am funny / goofy, madly in love and able to share a great relationship that my girlfriend would describe as ........ never boring but.... great..

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    I have the exact same problem. I have 2 children with ADHD, both are on medication. My husband thinks it is a bunch of crap, but basically I think because he does not want to have to help pay for visits or meds. One of my kids also has been diagnosed with depression, and the other one is going in next week to see if he now has depression. The depression is 1) an inherited thing and 2) situational due to how my ex treats the kids. He refuses to believe there is such a thing as depression. I know there is, I have suffered from it for years. Better now, but will always be at risk. I pretty much stopped telling my ex what meds they take, why, etc. I no longer involve him in that, as he will then tell the kids that it is all crap and they need to 'get over themselves'. If you cannot just keep it from him ( I am able to as he hardly ever sees them, both by his choice and now theirs as well) talk to the doctor and see what he says. He may know any legal issues ramifications. I would imagine that there would have to some law that you and he are required to get them the medical help they need. I wish I could offer advise, besides just don't let him know. Unfortunately I think that is our only choice sometimes when dealing with some dads. Good luck.

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    I understand this problem very much so, I have ADHD and I am of the female verson of ADHD. My son also as ADHD and he is a recovery addict and I thank God for this one, the recovery part. I am currently taking Strattera and have been about two year now. I am on about 60mg a day and have been on as high as 100mg but I never slept at all than. I have to take Ambien CR to help me sleep are you sure there isn't more going on than just the ADHD? You stated that he took Ritalin as a child - He might have to try other things to find that best one for him. There is a book out there for you to try and understand where your husband is coming from. "Honey, are you listening". There is a web site also I have discovered has many things to help. I hope I have given you something to go on and if I can be of any help please ask. God Bless, and Good Luck for the both of you.

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    This doesn't sound good at all. Here are some questions you might want to answer or have him answer:

    1. How is his sleep? Is he staying up all hours of the day and night with plenty of energy?

    2. How impulsive is he? Does he spend money he doesn't have, do things that are dangerous? Does he start projects he never finishes?

    3. What is his concentration/focus like now? It sounds like to me that he doesn't have too much.

    4. You stated that he is "annoying the f*** out of me." Is he easily irritable?

    Based upon what you have said, your husband really needs to go to a mental health professional immediately. Based on the fact that the Adderall XR did not work, bipolar disorder needs to be ruled out. Let me also state that your husband may have been (1) misdiagnosed or (2) has developed bipolar disorder.

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    My son was on Adderall and he had the same side effects. I was scared and requested a change. Next time he goes to the doctor, GO WITH HIM! Doctors tend to think the patient is exaggerating, or maybe your husband doesn't really know how to express the way he feels. Going with him will help both your husband and his doctor. Tell the doctor that your husband needs to be put on something that helps with focus and hyperactivity, as well as the other problems he is facing. Maybe this is a different dissorder, or maybe there is one pill to help it all.

    See if this site helps:

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    first. Determine what you want in this relationship and how far you are willing to stretch. next talk to you husband about what he wants for himself and in the relationship and how far he is willing to bend. then find a therapist to do some individual or couples therapy in order to talk about how those difficulties impact your lives. in a doctor look for someone who doesn't seen medication as a way of dealing with one problem. Also look at diet, job training, the country has rehabilitative services that can help people with disabilities learn how to do their job better.

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    My brother was ADHD when he was younger. A lot of his hyperactivity had to do with the food he was eating. Limit intake of red food colouring, such as in ketchup and juices. Also be aware of the natural sugar content in foods, especially in fruit such as apples. You can try going to a health store and they might be able to give you some good advice.

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    Is there a reason he did not go back on Ritalin?

    My son was on all of the above and we had the best result and control with Ritalin.

  • get a lower dose of strattera. get him a video game, especially one like the nintendo wii. it uses motion, and he can channel his hyperness into it. any one can learn to play, and they can help with concetration.

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    Tell him while you do think it is cute some of the time, it is not all the time. He can straighten up his act or your going to have him commit to the loony farm. Probably want help, but he could stop if he wanted too. I think he loves annoying you. Tell him if he continues this that your seriously thinking of getting a place of your own. Sounds to me like he has to much time on his hands. he needs something to do, tell him to go play dominoes at the local VFW hall.

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