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Any Black Men have any experience dating an Asian women?

Like anything to look out for? What to say or what not to say ect? I know I am going to be myself and I already did the parent check thing that you do with dating other women outside your race (to see if they are racist or anything, did not find anything but they could be hiding it)

Any advice?

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    They're probably not racists, I've dated plenty of Asian girls if their family doesn't like you they say it to your face they hide nothing.

    They have traditions to be with another Asian dude, but not all of them go by those rules since this America home of the multi-cultural.

    So don't worry be yourself have a good time with your girl and see where the relationship takes you.

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    Keep an open mind- I'm pretty sure you'll have a fun time that way

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    once you go black you can't go back!!! so why would a black man date an asian woman??

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