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ge-force 8800, how does it run?

To all you guys that own a Ge Force 8800, How does that DX 10, 384-bit bad boy run? Is it worth buying right now? or you think I should wait a little longer?

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    I don't have it but I HIGHLY recommend you wait!!

    bought a 7800 when it first came cost 700 bucks + tax.

    sold it on ebay only a year later for 200 bucks so it cost me $500 in one year just to own it!! Wait 6 months, the card will be half as much, ATI will release their new DX10 card, and nVidia will have there 8900 out which will kick butt on the 8800.

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    4 years ago

    FX 5500 looks too old purely purchase some low end image card (5470 HD / GT 520) if a threat, then purchase greater effective one no remember if that is going to run or no longer, that's no longer a threat to assert approximately such old card, provide it a attempt yet do no longer anticipate lots

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