Using the pencil thing to add more details does NOT work?

What do i do if the pencil thing doesn't work. i tried opening it in a new window and its just a blank page. the first day i used YA it was working now it doesn't what else is there to do to edit ur quesiton or add comments

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  • 1 decade ago
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    HELLO, I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW, that the edit pencil thing is not working for me anymore so I can't edit my question either. I hope Yahoo comes up with a fix soon and I hope you get some good answers on all your math questions.

    Mr. Math. You are supposedly a math genius but you can't figure out how to add details. Now that seems very strange to me. I am just kidding and I really do want to help you. so can you please activate your e-mail in Yahoo answers. Go to your edit profile and you can change things there. I will not get your e-mail address so don't worry about that. E-mails are transmitted through Yahoo answers and not directly. You can e-mail to me if you click on my icon and then click e-mail cannoli junkie. You know, you have to be SIGNED IN TO yahoo answers if you want to add details to your original question.

    Go to your question. bring your mouse to the pencil icon or to the down arrow to the right of the pencil, move your mouse around a little and a green bar will appear that says edit your question. Just below you will see add details and then left click on that. If you are signed in you will now see a grey area where you can type in what you want. When you are finished typing click preview so you can check it over and then submit. As I said, I am no further away than an e-mail if you need more help.

  • 1 decade ago

    Doesn't that just drive you crazy?

    Happy new year.

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