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hi question for high school?

i have a class called family plaing and my question is about condoms and teen pregnancy . what are the risks of getting pregnant if a condom breaks ? and my other assin ment is if you cut a condom and let it drie up how soon will it break ?

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    if a condom breaks, your chances of getting pregnant are the same that they would be, if you hadn't used one at all. In other words, maybe 7%. However, it would be slightly lower if you used spermacide; many condoms do have lubricant with nonoxynol-9, which will lower your risks considerably even if it breaks. FYI, if you're young, these are a little more expensive, but definitely worth it, because parenting is hard, hard work....DON'T TAKE CHANCES!

    Also, I don't understand your other question, because if you cut a condom, wouldn't it be, effectively, broken? Otherwise, they don't just break on their own. They break because they get overheated, overstretched, and lose their elasticity.

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