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Which is your favorite Harry Potter book and why?

Mine would have to be the first book... I love the way the magic is described and yay for Harry, he finds out he's a wizard... and a thumpin' good one... :)

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    The Harry Potter book I deem the best,

    Is far better than all the rest

    It has chills,

    and thrills

    Exhilarating plots and themes,

    And characters with hopes and dreams

    The good and the bad,

    And some who are mad

    This one has something the others don't,

    Something I can't place or just won't

    The feeling when a book just brought you extreme pleasure,

    Just as if you found buried treasure

    No wonder I deem this book the best,

    Far better than all the rest

    'Tis the Fourth I speak of,

    The one I only truly love

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    1 decade ago

    Book 4: Goblet of Fire

    This is where the series really start getting serious. It becomes so much more dark plotted and well written.

    My least favorite book would have to be Chamber of Secrets. Not sure why. One thing I didn't like about it is, in the first book everyone kinda worships him. But in the second everyone hated him since they thought he was the hier.

    I can see why you'd like the first book best. After all the crap harry grew up with. Being treated liked scum. Then all of a sudden he's a wizard. and no more putting up with the dursley's BS. (except for the summers, but thats different)

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    I am a Harry Potter obsessed person! I love HP with a passion! I have read all six books AT LEAST 12 times, and I'd have to say that my favorite is book 6, The Half Blood Prince. It's terribly sad, I cried when Dumbledore was killed...but the book is so nicely written, I love it! I cannot wait for the 7th book, I'm stocking up on tissues for this summer...I have a feeling it's going to be a sad summer for Harry Potter!

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    1 decade ago

    I also like the first book I like the way the magic is put into great detail and when he finds out he's a wizard it must be so cool to be a wizard.

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    I love 'Goblet of Fire'. It has a great mix of character development and action. I also love 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' because it was the book where the focus finally switched to the far more interesting adult characters (plenty of Snape, Lupin and Black, which is all any HP fan over fourteen can ask for!) and it was also the turning point in the series where the tone became darker and more adult.

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    I really liked harry potter and the goblet of fire ( i think it should have been called the triwizard tournament) because of the story and the three tasks which spiced up the story alot and the mystery of it.

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    Mine would definitely be the 5th (Order of the Phoenix)... Well, who doesn't love it when you rebel against cruel teachers like Umbridge?? Furthermore, it's the only time when you get to read about the battle between Voldermort & Dumbledore... I expect that battle scene @ e Ministry to be pretty awesome...

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    I like "The Goblet of Fire" because of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

    The movie was awesome, but the book got more in depth.

  • raz
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    Book 5, hat Umbridge, which makes it a good book

    Favorite part: the fight after the Q match. That was great.

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    When I read the first 4 it was definitely #4... then the fifth came out and that was my favorite... then the 6th came out and that was my favorite... and then the 7th will come out and that will probably be my favorite (BTW does anyone know the release date? there was a rumor it was 7.7.07.... which would have been awesome, but I heard it was just a rumor)

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