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Which is a better TV: LCD's or rear projection?

I am shopping for a new TV. I want one that has 1080p technology, but these seem to be very expensive. I've noticed that the rear projection TV's cost less. What's the difference?

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    I WANTED THE 1080P Projection TV....but I didn't want to spend $2500 for a TV that could only use the 1080P.....

    For BLU-RAY DVDs!!!!!

    So after researching.....I BOUGHT THE HITACHI 51F59 at Circuit City for $800.00

    It has 1080i "Native Resolution" which will get me HDTV thru the HDMI or Component connections, using a Set Top box

    (you need a Set top box for CABLE or SATELLITE)

    Circuit City had the BEST PRICE

    And BEST BUY has the "NATIVE RESOLUTION" right up front on ALL TV models on their WEBSITE

    When it comes down to it.....1080i or 1080P....there really is no difference except for the fact that 1080P TVs are all 1080 lines NATIVE RESOLUTION, and most other TVs are 720 lines NATIVE.....but the Hitachi is 1080 lines NATIVE....

    That's why I bought it.......

    Source(s): 24 years servicing TV sets....Just purchased my first HDTV in December, and studied the models quite carefully.... Now don't FREAK if your new TV snaps and the picture disappears....that's just the NEW picture tubes settling in....MINE did it twice in the first week....NOW it's normal....ALL new tubes will pop once or twice while the GETTER absorbs any captured gases in the CRT guns, and I've dealt with this NUMEROUS times after replacing CRTS in old Projos......
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    It depends on what you use it for... LCD monitors are a better product and picture, they are crisp, but alas, more expensive...they are good for gamers, and have the best High Def. signal, besides plasma, of course. Rear Progections are good but you are relying on mirrors, so it's just not as clear of a picture. I hope this helps!!!!!

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    Check out the picture quality on DLPs. Also they don't have picture burn in with games (like Plasmas) nor can the lose pixels or lines of pixels (like LCDs)

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    basically LCD has better picture quality

    the drawbacks are:

    fractured LCD screenLCD technology still has a few drawbacks in comparison to some other display technologies:

    While CRTs are capable of displaying multiple video resolutions without introducing artifacts, LCD displays produce crisp images only in their "native resolution" and, sometimes, fractions of that native resolution. Attempting to run LCD display panels at non-native resolutions usually results in the panel scaling the image, which introduces blurriness or "blockiness".

    LCD displays have a lower contrast ratio than that on a plasma display or CRT. This is due to their "light valve" nature: some light always leaks out and turns black into gray. In brightly lit rooms the contrast of LCD monitors can, however, exceed some CRT displays due to higher maximum brightness.

    LCDs have longer response time than their plasma and CRT counterparts, older displays creating visible ghosting when images rapidly change; this drawback, however, is continually improving as the technology progresses and is hardly noticeable in current LCD displays with "overdrive" technology. Most newer LCDs have response times of around 8 ms.

    In addition to the response times, some LCD panels have significant input lag, which makes them unsuitable for fast and time-precise mouse operations (CAD design, FPS gaming) as compared to CRTs

    Overdrive technology on some panels can produce artifacts across regions of rapidly transitioning pixels (eg. video images) that looks like increased image noise or halos. This is a side effect of the pixels being driven past their intended brightness value (or rather the intended voltage necessary to produce this necessary brightness/colour) and then allowed to fall back to the target brightness in order to enhance response times.

    LCD display panels have a limited viewing angle, thus reducing the number of people who can conveniently view the same image. As the viewer moves closer to the limit of the viewing angle, the colors and contrast appear to deteriorate. However, this negative has actually been capitalized upon in two ways. Some vendors offer screens with intentionally reduced viewing angle, to provide additional privacy, such as when someone is using a laptop in a public place. Such a set can also show two different images to one viewer, providing a three-dimensional effect.

    Some users of older (around pre-2000) LCD monitors complain of migraines and eyestrain problems due to flicker from fluorescent backlights fed at 50 or 60 Hz. This does not happen with most modern displays which feed backlights with high-frequency current.

    LCD screens occasionally suffer from image persistence, which is similar to screen burn on CRT and plasma displays. This is becoming less of a problem as technology advances, with newer LCD panels using various methods to reduce the problem. Sometimes the panel can be restored to normal by displaying an all-white pattern for extended periods of time.

    Some light guns do not work with this type of display since they do not have flexible lighting dynamics that CRTs have. However, the field emission display will be a potential replacement for LCD flat-panel displays since they emulate CRTs in some technological ways.

    Some panels are incapable of displaying low resolution screen modes (such as 320x200). However, this is due to the circuitry that drives the LCD rather than the LCD itself.

    Consumer LCD monitors are more fragile than their CRT counterparts, with the screen especially vulnerable. However, lighter weight makes falling less dangerous, and some displays may be protected with glass shields.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    shop the LCD its better cause the LCD live is something like 5-6 years

    and the graphic is better too

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