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Why do some people on Y/A feel the need to play yahoo-police and report people?

Whats up with that?

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    I have reported people a few times. Yahoo Answers does not have the people to go over every question posted. I only reported people who suggest lurid acts.

    I got reported and had a question asking people to pray for my mother,who was going to have her 27th operation. They said it was asking people to have a private conversation with me. I could not believe it!

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    It is not a case of ‘Playing Yahoo! Police’…

    It is a case of ‘caring enough’ to not want Yahoo! Answers to go down the drain like other Q&A Forums have done in the past !!!

    Yahoo! Answers is meant to be ‘a safe and enriching place’ where members are encouraged to conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity… decency… and respect !…

    And if members choose to Post ‘Hate Messages’… Display ‘Pornographic Material’… or Insult or Abuse other members…

    they deserve to be Reported !

    It is up to ‘the responsible members of the Yahoo! Answers Community’ to do their part in ensuring that Yahoo! Answers remains a ‘family friendly’ Site…

    and if that means… ‘reporting offenders’… then so be it !!!

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    It may be 'Trolls' picking on you, or the lousy filter (Yahoo! apologizes for the filter). Yahoo! encourages us to report any possible abuse of the reporting option by Trolls.

    You can appeal and get your 10pnts back, but not your question.

    If you don't appeal, it's an automatic guilty plea. Too many or very bad violations result in the deletion of your account and everything connected.

    I'm not sure how many violations or how bad they have to be before they delete our accounts, only the ones that have lost theirs know for sure and they are not able to tell us.

    Don't take it personal, we all feel shafted after getting a violation. It's not personal, it's a soulless 'Filter Program', a program that flags a word, a series of words or phrases, then sends you an automatic violation (Yahoo! apologizes for this imperfect filter).

    Most of us have gotten these violations, some of us more than others (Yes, we know who we are), but eventually everyone will get one, or more.

    To Appeal>

    >Go to Yahoo! Answers

    >Click on the 'Forum' link in the upper right (under 'Web Search', small blue letters)

    >Click the thread 'Wrongful Violations and Suspensions' (under 'Featured Topics')

    >Read Katie's letter

    >Click the blue 'Reply' button (lower left, bottom of Katie's post)

    >Post your appeal

    If you feel you have to make amends for your violation, then you must throw yourself on your sword to appease the Yahoo! Yamster Gods.

    Otherwise, carry on, and at least appear to be having fun.

    Hark! I hear the Yamster patrol coming now. The Yamster Sargent is yelling "ALL BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE, UNTIL MORAL IMPROVES". Quick, everybody smile and look happy.

    Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines

    Yahoo! Terms of Service (TOS)

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    Some of the reporting is for valid reasons,but a lot is just plain silly,Y/A is working at stopping the bogus reporting and deleting their accounts.

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    Well maybe it is easier to answer that question with this one "Why do people on Y/A feel the need to play yahoo-badguy (girl) and break the community guidelines?"

    If we answer that then we might get somewhere!1

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    1 decade ago

    Because there is a guideline for using this site and those who break the rules by posting child porn picture requests, make racist remarks and demeaning statements, and use pornography for their icons should be reported. Children use this site too and the adults need to be responsible and accountable.

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    Because there are some people that just plane need reporting . . .

    Without some sort of control, you just have mayhem.

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    Coz there are people in this world that insist on being FOOLS!

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    cuz people feel bad when they get back bad response.. so they cant beat up that person..... so the only thing they do is report that person... to y/a police

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    Because they want to make it a better community. Rules are there for a reason.

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