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What are the "future release" games in the super smash bros. melee?


sorry i ment trophies that say "future release" and what games they are from.

Update 2:

do you know where alpha comes from?

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    All three of those trophies (Totekeke (renamed K.K. Slider in the US port), Tom Nook, and Mr. Resetti) are characters from "Animal Crossing" on the Gamecube, which was released the folowing year. Incidentally, all three of those characters also appear in the DS sequel, "Animal Crossing Wild World".

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    The "future release" trophies were for Animal Crossing. One Example is Tom Nook or Mr Resetti.

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    I used to have them the two and thay a defintly no longer the comparable subject. great wreck Bros. is a nintendo sixty 4 interest with approximately 10 entire characters and intensely some distinctive arenas. great wreck Bros. Melee is the sequel to great wreck Bros. it relatively is for gamecube. there are 25 characters entire characters. those characters must be unlocked in many distinctive techniques. This it takes a protracted time to free up each and every thing in this interest. it is likewise a large interest to play with your acquaintances. it is merely relaxing for all of us.

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    i dont quite understand your question but super smash bros brawl is coming to wii sometime in 2007

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