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which Airline(or country) does "UT" stand for?

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  • akz
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    1 decade ago
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    No country or airline has "UT" identifier. FYI - Uzbekistan country code is "UK", Ukraine is "UR" and Kazakhstan uses "UN". Other countries that has "_T" are:

    "ET" - Ethopia, "PT" - Brazil, "ST" - Sudan, "TT" - Chad,

    "VT" - India, "XT" - Burkina Faso, "7T" - Algeria, "9T" - Congo Kinshasa

    Airlines that has "_T" are

    "AT" - Royal Air Maroc, "BT" - Air Baltic, "CT" - Air Sofia,

    "DT" - TAAG Angola Airlines, "ET" - Ethiopian Airlines,

    "FT" - Siem Reap Air, "GT" - GB Airways, "HT" - Aeromost,

    "IT" - Kingfisher Airlines, "JT" - Lion Airlines, "LT" - LTU,

    "MT" - Thomas Cook Airlines, "NT" - Binter Canarias,

    "OT" - Aeropelican Air Services, "PT" - Capital Cargo Int'l Airlines,

    "PT" - West Air Sweden, "QT" - Regional Air, "QT" - Tampa Cargo, "ST" - Germania, "VT" - Air Tahiti, "ZT" Titan Airways,

    "2T" - Tulpar Avia Service, "3T" - Turan Air, "4T" - Belair Airlines,

    "5T" - Canadian North, "5T" - Transwede Airways,

    "6T" - Air Mandalay, "7T" - Tobruk Air Transport & Cargo,

    "7T" - Trans Am Aero Express del Ecuador,

    "8T" - Air Tindi, "9T" - Transwest Air

    United Airlines' 2 letter code is "UA" - FYI

    Hope this info helps you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    united airlines

  • 1 decade ago

    Utah. That's all I can think of.

  • 1 decade ago

    Utah a state!!!!!!!

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