Does the width of a motorcycle tire have to match exactly to the with of the rim?

still very new to motorcycle, tips please.

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    No, you need it to be wider to allow the air pressure in the tire to push out against the bead to provide a proper seal.

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    Typically motorcycle tires are physically wider than the rims they are mounted on. Cars are actually the same way and mounting tires which are too narrow (such as many lowriders do) can cause poor handling, sidewall damage, irregular wear and blowouts. Also mounting tires too wide for your rim can cause problems with handling, sidewall damage, poor wear, interferance with parts on the bike and slower acceleration.

    It's usually best to stick with the manufacturer recommendation on sizes, although I have seen many go up a size or two without problem, in fact I've done this myself but never more than about 20mm.

    There are several critical things you don't want to screw with on your motorcycle - tires and brakes. Those have to be right or you may be killed. Ride safe and take care!

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    Im not an expert on motorcycle tires....HOWEVER....

    dont take any shortcuts to save money, it is not worth it.

    I recently had a NASTY accident on a bike that had NEW tires,

    apparently the front tire had low pressure, I hit a bump, air was released (it was a tubeless tire) and I was thrown to the ground at 42 mph.

    I had one OTHER nast accident, attributed to the tire, because I felt it did not yet need to be replaced, when in fact it did. I learned the hard way taking a turn too fast and skidded sideways into a mountain. Long Story Short, match up the right size tire with the right size rim....dont play games with what could be your life!

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    no the best thing to do is check the specifications of the bike to find the original tire size. they are typically a specific tire size for a reason. also front and rear tires are matched for a reason. the radius of the tire is made so that the rear tire will be on the radius of the tire at the same point as the front so dont put a different make of tire on the front or rear without changing both of them.

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    if the rims are as wider as tyers then weight would be too high and then ur bikes milage will come down as hell and then at the same time u cant make turns fast it gets very hard at the same time handling is poor and if the width wold be the same how will u fit tyer in rim !!! so the rim all ways is less in width than tyer

  • Mick W
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    1 decade ago

    no can be larger but needs suficent clearance to avoid contact with static parts when under load and stress

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