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My TVcard doesnt record any sound. Why?

It seems everything is ok, but when i record a program from cable its just the video with no sound

A few days ago it was ok...

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    Most likely reasons:

    1) The input for the TV has been changed - try changing it and its levels to see if you can get sound

    2) A cable has come out from the back - Some cards need a audio cable plugged into the back of them. Check if any have come out and put back in if necessary.

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    Check the plug going from the sound card to the tv tuner card. That has to be connected for the sound signal to be heard.

  • Check your sound card input selection. On mine, I can assign any of the ports to be the input port, but only one at a time. Also, check your input volume level in the expanded sound window.

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    you need to link your sound card with your tv card.usually this is done using a cable externally.

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    is your sound card good?

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