Drugs: Friend or foe???

are drugs as bad my parents say it is...i mean in moderation.Please be open minded,some of the best music of our time have been heavly influenced by drugs, for example hendrix,beatles,bob dlyan,elvis presley,nirvana, there is tons...but in moderation are drugs so bad?Hitler being a military genuis,not to glorify his atrocities,but he was high,scientist in the 60s 70s used to tripp on acid/lsd and come up with experiments and ideas,thats how they discoverd the double helix in DNA,a scentist was trippin and had a vision of the dna helix. but then i think about crack and meth and h and how they dont seem so good in any quantity or dont even sound good worth trying. maybe just natural drugs?

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    The drugs (street) of today are very dangerous...not like the ones of the sixties and seventies. The ones today have all kinds of things added to them to make them more potent. So, I say foe.

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    Drugs are definitely a foe, in no way shape or form are they a friend.

    Drugs no matter if its pot or heroin or whatever it is even in moderation is MIND ALTERING.

    If you do drugs today, you won't be able to get a job tomorrow since most companies require a drug test for employment these days.

    Drugs take away mental ability, they take away the ability to remember things, they take away drive and people's potential, just as a start. Alcohol is just as bad in these ways too. Drugs and alcohol ruin lives.

    Music is a wonderful thing, I am a big classic rock fan. But I wonder how many great songs would of been written if the musicians weren't strung out on drugs. Not too many, but a lot more songs of quality and honesty we would have today.

    You are probably young and will give drugs and alcohol a try. But be careful, don't get hooked, don't get some disease because you shared a needle with an addict. Be careful....

    Source(s): I don't speak from my own experience, I have never tried drugs, but I have lived with a drug addict for years and I see the effects of drugs on him, not a pretty sight at all.
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    Hi there

    I work with youth who have a substance abuse issue, and my take on it when I work with them is that they are their own expert. You are your own boss - I can educate you and educate you about the dangers of street drugs, precription drugs, and the like - even about making smart decisions, and yet a lot of my youth will try. They all know the damage it can do, yada yada - and most will not develop an addiction problem - but a lot of youth start turning to pot etc, because they are bored, because it's fun, becuase of the high, because of the escape aspect - but what you're really doing is learning to rely on something "false" if you will to help cope with something. Oh math sucks, better go out at break and smoke a dubie. Yet, when we were all yuonger, we had loads of fun, without relying on something else.

    Everyone can be influence, and the whole thing of it is that you make the choice, and whatever the outcome, you have to live with. It's the snowball effect - it can effect every aspect of your life - money, social, legal etc.

    Now as for "natural" - I get this a lot - yeah, we all know that meth etc is not natural, it's chemical. Pot in its "natural" state has over 400 chemicals in it, and even then people add growth hormones etc to help it grow bigger. Not very natural is it?

    Also, a drug is something that's going to change the way you think feel and act - and sometimes is not the drug that's going to hurt you, it's the actions you do WHILE you're on the drug. Breakups, fights, secret sharing, walking home down a bad street, walking into traffic, and just end up hurting yourself even more.

    If you have any specific q's about specific drugs let me know...

    Good luck in your decision making!

    Ohh, get the movie "Through a Blue Lens" - it's a great video

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    Lets say, this person I know, does drugs occasionally. The ones that you are talking about acid, shrooms, E, etc. They did it on New years eve, that was it. Once a year. From what I hear, shrooms just make you hallucinate. I think acid is poison. Ecstasy, makes your body tingle when touched. DON'T HUFF, THAT IS JUST STUPID. Warning, you will feel like crap when you run out of whatever you take(come down)then you will crave more and more. The more you take, the more you will need to feel high. If you have an addictive personality, (ie. cant quit smoking, trouble with weight, cant give up something) then I don't suggest trying anything! (not that i am suggesting now) I think pot sucks! It stinks, it make you lazy, and then you eats 6 bags of chips. Some people say it helps you think better. Bull!

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    DRUGS. When discussing about drugs, we should not entirely label drugs as something bad. It should stays on the fence, neither bad nor good. Drug can be said as good. The reason is it helps to relieve, cure, and prevent diseases. Drug remains good when the dosage used is appropriate, and not misused. However, drugs have been oftenly being used at the wrong purpose without any trusted consultation. The myth of drugs are bad are all derived form the misused of drugs. The misconception should not simply put on the drugs but the users inappropriate way of use. As the conclusion, drugs are both good and bad and all is depends on how they are used for any purposes. Take care and Happy New Year 2007!

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    Personally, I use no drugs currently. But I did smoke pot as a teen (only 23 now) My opinion would be anything natural (pot, shrooms) should be OK ONLY in moderation. Anything that destroys you on a social level or physically is not the best thing to do. So if you don't just sit in chair all day and stay stoned, than sure. It shouldn't become an addiction.

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    A lot of drugs DO have a natural base. Doesn't make them good for you, or neccessarily bad for you either.

    Personally, I consider any drugs used for anything BUT improving or making a medical condition tolerable to be bad. I think people who use drugs as a crutch to get through the day (not ones presecribed by doctors, or ones used to get high not prevent pain) are people who are seriously weak willed, weak minded and in need of some backbone.

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    Well, on one side, drugs are actually poisonous. Every prescription and non-prescription drug is. That's why it says "do not overdose". On the other side, yes, they have influence wonderful musical breakthroughs, and yes, some of the mind's secrets are unlocked through the use of drugs.

    But think, if people used drugs frequently to enhance mind capabilities, the rest of their body would suffer the poisons. So on this topic, I guess, there is only a middle to everything.

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    bro, look at it this way, all drugs no matter good or bad all alter your chemical balance of your brain.

    from CI drugs, such as, herorin, cocane, etc which makes you act really stupid

    to CII drugs such as adderal XL - behavior stabalizer

    to CVI drugs such as Wellbrutrin XL which is an anti-depressent

    you do stupid **** when your on drugs and you cant think straight, just think dude, your out wth soemone, you may rape a girl and never even know u did it, would to do something liket that? how would u feel if someoen raped your gf? i'd be pissed. think before you act. drugs are extramly bad, i dont care if its fuking cocane or wellbrutin, there are few drugs that benefit you if the situation is right, such as commudin, levaquin, etc

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    Its your own personal preference. I say, listen to your parents, they've probably done them. I will tell you this...My brother in law was killed in a car accident last August. The driver, and he were both on Bars(Zanex) and drinking. He died instantly and the driver is up on Murder 1 charges right now. If you are gonna try them, stay where you are. don't drive or get in a car with anyone who has been experimenting. Youre life isn't worth a few mintues high!!!

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