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I want to know, What does the topper do, Help for Competitive Exams ?

I am preparing for Competitive Exams (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). Please suggest me that what does topper do, if they can't understand the chapter of books. Did they skip it, or do something else. But if they skip, how could they become a toppers. Please tell me about how I could be topper if I can't understand a chapter. I can't grasp some of the chapters of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Do u help me, What should I do, to complete all of the chapter, without any doubt. Please Help. What is the urs technique of learning and grasping as soon as fast and perfectly. How do u all prepare for competitive exams. In short n sweet, I want to learn a technique of toppers How they do all the chapters of Physics Chemistry Mathematics without any doubt, How do they clear their concepts. So that whenever we ask them a question, they answer correctly. I want to learn that technique so to become a topper. I need all urs suggestion If their is my mistake, I will improve it. Thanks in Advance.


Help me please

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Help me please

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    I think u should sit wid ur books and 1st try to read it 3 or more times wid full concentration unless n untill u understand the lesson n then go fa physics theres its just to understand i think u can do it! whereas mathematics unless u get the basics u cant get the cahpter so its better u take tutions fa it.

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