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Creator or his creativity,which needs to be praised?

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    Hmm...I guess the creator...for he would be the one that created me...and provided what I needed. Like how my fish think I am God when I feed them. Anyways, I am thankful for my life and everything. : )

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    Both need to be praised, but I think the Creator should come first.

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    The Creator!!

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    His creativity.

    Simply because that's the only thing that allows him to stand out.

    But if you're talking in terms of God... i'd praise God more so than his creations simply because he encompasses everything that he created.

    Yeah, i'm tired right now so this answer probably made no sense whatsoever.. i'm sorry.

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    Praise not "The Creator", and there could literally be "Hell to pay"!

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    The Creator, then His Creation. :-)

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    1 decade ago

    His creativity.......... I hate onions....

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