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Whats better in terms of sound Gibson SG Special or Gibson SG Standard. advice?

Im buying a new guitar on a small budget and im wondering if their is much difference in sound between the two, I dont care about bling bling and all that crap. Alot of people say that SG Specials suck because they dont have the chrome pickup covers, if I put on chrome pickup covers would it sound as good as the standard? Advice, Adivice?

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    If you can live without the trapezoid inlays, the SG Special is a damn good guitar. As for the covers, I actually think it muffles the sound a bit.

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    I always regret getting rid of any of my gear with a few exceptions. If you really like both of these guitars then keep them and buy an SG when you have the money. You can never have too many guitars. If you find you have no interest in acoustic then just trade/sell the Taylor and keep the Faded as a backup.

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