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Ladies: To be ur one and only someone should have what qualities?

thsi question is self- explanatory... be truthful and not nonsense

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    honest, be able to stand on your own, strong in more then one way, good personality and be able to make me smile_

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    Never tell me what to do, say, or wear under any circumstances

    Always be there when I need you and give help when needed

    Intelligent, broadminded and wise

    Unbelievably patient and devoted

    Put my needs on top of your list ALL THE TIME

    Wine drinker, no beer drinking or smoking

    Well built, not too muscular not obese, stay fit and healthy

    Good with money, either earning it or spending it

    I accept nothing less than perfection in sex

    Love and adore me for 24/ 7/365 or 366

    Must love and must be loved by my pets

    Other than that, I will let you know as we go along. Any question?

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    a great personality, to be not only a lover but also a best friend, not a leech, honest and trustworthy...... the last two are huge btw.... and able to communicate his feelings good or bad

  • for me, you'd have to have: a killer smile, the ability to make me laugh(that's not hard sense i laugh at almost eveything), and the power to kiss me until I forget my name

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    1 decade ago

    smart,kind,funny.respect for other women,and most of all personality is the big thing for me

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    sweet, trustworthy, comforting, funny, giving, confident, good listener, puts you first, christian, doesnt do drugs or smokes or anything stupid like that, romanitc, and yea...thats pretty much it.

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    he needs to be black!! taller than me (im 5'3), older than me, have a great personality, and has to be attractive and have good teeth

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    kind, humble, nice, caring, nice looking, sweet, un-selfish, strong.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God, one thing and one thing only, but good luck ever finding it: HONESTY.

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