What are the disadvantages of buying a salvaged title?

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    Depends on the state you live in...

    Texas you can only Disassemble a Salvage title Car or sell it to another Salavage type company...

    If you are a rebuilder and think the car is rebuildible in Texas you have to get it Inspected Before its rebuilt and then it has to Pass Full reinspection to have the Salvage title Changed to a clear title.

    Alot of rebuilders Sell Salvage cars stating they are just fine but they are not... Check into your state Laws.

    Unless you have a friend in the DPS or DMV that can change it and file the papers for you.

    I've seen alot of defferent Title's ... And I only buy a Salvage Title car when I know its complete history or I know I can use every single part of it Like it is, rebuilt or parted out...

    Price sometimes draws you in... Just keep asking question before you buy...

    Car Fax works on newer Cars....

    Happy Hunting....

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    a salvage title means that something bad has happened to the car sometime in its recent life. Could have been a wreck, flood, or abandoned. No matter what it is that caused it to get a salvage title it will has to be inspected for road worthy and will always have a brand on the title noting that it was a rebuilt salvage or formerly salvage vehicle. This is only good in the states that allow a salvage vehicle to be retitled. Some like Illinois say that once a vehicle is titled salvage it can only be used for parts. At any rate it drastically reduces the cars value and makes it harder to sell to anyone other than a salvage yard...

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    nicely, if it has a salvage identify, then maximum states will really help you employ it for that... salvage. the disadvantage in procuring a vehicle with a salvage identify is that you dont understand if something has been rigged to get it to run down the line. maximum salvage titled automobiles were ones that went by a flood (very very troublesome to inform) or were totaled and repaired on more moderen automobiles, even as its totaled, there is not a lot you may do with it. if the unibody is bent in besides it would want to reason drivetrain issues( driveshaft alignment) abnormal tire placed on even after an alignment at a keep, and many many different issues... imagine two times earlier procuring a salvage titled vehicle for something different that salvage

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    Insurance will pay you less than half of the value of the car. I'm not sure what is the exact %, but ranging from 40-50% of the car's true worth.


    Extended Warranty companies will not cover a salvaged car with a rebuilt title.

    Even the manufacturer's warranty is voided on a rebuilt or salvaged title.

    Banks will not finance a salvaged car with a rebuilt title.

    It's hard to find insurance companies to insure a rebuilt car.

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    The disadvantages of getting a salvaged title is that you have to get teh car test for headlamps and smog and brakes and other test before you can register it or even tranfer the title to your name and that here in california most station that do that charge for one hours labor which her it runs about 115.00 per hour and if they find anything wrong or not working properly they will fail it and your stuck now repairing the item until it will pass. I think it's just easier to pass those great price from a tow company or junkyard for thier vehicles and just go to a private party you will save yourself alot of headaches and that you never know what your buying from one of those places cause you cannot test drive them before you buy the vehicle and that you may have to put more into repairs and registration than buy from dealer or private party and just test driving the car and knowing what you have before you decide to buy

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