How can I get enough money to get a tablet pc?My parents say I can get one but I have to earn all the money...

I have to earn it all by myself.

I already get 5 dollar allowance and my parents won't raise it.

I can't babysit

What can I do?

We're allowed a tablet pc to school, and cellphones and stuff.

I'm in fifth grade.

I'm always loosing my notes and then not being able to study for tests because my friends won't tell me what the notes are.

Even my teacher suggested for my parents to get me one!

How do I get the money?

Where can I get one?

Please help me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You mean a notebook or a desktop right. You can get an ok one for school work for around $300 Canadian new. For a kid in fifth grade it will be hard to save for. $300 is not a simple matter. Talk to your parents ask them how you could save up. I think they should get one for you.

    You could try to keep things more neat and work on your skills to not lose stuff. I am pretty sure you can get an even cheaper laptop used maybe even from the school you could try talking to the principal?

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