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my pomerian puppy bites a lot....wt's the problem???plzzzzzz help me out..he is very cute..........?

he is white cute littl pomerian pup less than a month older......and he is 100 % active.......and plz tell me other important things also abt him 'coz it's my first time i have a pup......plz some important behavior which i have to face in the future plzzzz tell me ........if u feel to share wid me........................cheers:)

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    Puppies being mouthy is VERY common! BUT you need to correct this right away! especially with a Pom! They are know to be 'nippy' dogs. (lots of toy dogs can be nippy because they're trying to be 'big) The little man complex.

    Definitely take him to a trainer! Don't allow biting! When he does, hit him under the jaw to shut his mouth and say no. If he does it again, do it again. Consistency is #1 with training a dog. Good luck! Pom pups are SOOOO darn cute!!!!

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    All puppies are cute. It's simply how they're. Doggies, by definition, have dog-canine faces. Most are additionally as an alternative playful. What you absolutely need to do is look into what kind of adults these puppies you are looking at will come to be in a year or two. They are puppies for a couple of months, and grownup dogs for -- for the reason that you are watching at small ones -- good over a decade. Energetic and quiet do not ordinarily go together. . . So i'd recommend you opt for one or the opposite. My min pin is an actual live wire even at 2. . . However she shouldn't be quiet. She used to be quiet for the first 5-6 months. . . And then she realized that she could bark! But I knew getting into that the breed was identified for most commonly being yippy, and that i was once capable to care for that facet. Together with probably the most others who've recommended this. . . Have you checked out what's on your local animal shelters? There are typically quite a few perfectly average doggies there, and the humans working there could even be in a position to place you on a list or in finding you the sort you're looking for in other places regional must they now not have one (after serving to you to slender down what you relatively need?) however one turns up desiring to be adopted.

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    That is just a puppy for you. You may try getting chew bones and some toys. Puppies require alot of attention. And you need to play with him as much as possible. If anything to wear him out. He may calm down when he gets older but I believe pomerian breeds are really active dogs. This is just what I have heard about that type of dog, so don't quote me on that. I have dogs of my own 2 of them. One is a White German Shepard and the other is a heeler mix. They are really good dogs. I get after them as I do my kids. They know when I am displeased with them, but I also have to give them alot of attention. They are just as spoiled as my kids. But if you treat your animals right they are loyal and they love you unconditionally. Just remember they to throw fits, so if you wake up to ripped up paper towels or toilet paper just remember to put up the other rolls. It's all part of having animals. Just keep your cool. You will adjust to having this puppy and then you won't know how you lived without him.

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    Tell him "NO!" when he bites. He may be cute with his little puppy bites, but when he gets older it's going to hurt. And if he is less than a month old he is probably starving. He may be trying to nurse on your fingers. they should NEVER be away from their mother until they are AT LEAST 2months/8wks. If he truly is less than a month old, you picked a terrible breeder(probably a puppy mill) But good luck anyway

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    Puppies bite because they are teething or because they play like that with their littermates. Give your puppy something he is allowed to bite --like a toy. Be sure not to give him a shoe or sock --he will not know the difference between "his" and yours.

    To train him not to bite when you are playing with him: whenever he bites, tell him "No bite!" and then walk away from him until he calms down. If you are consistent with this, he will soon learn that biting makes the playing stop.

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    He's probably teething. Most pups do that. Just like babies do. Takes alot of time and training though to break dogs out of the habit, but usually they stop after they teeth.

    Source(s): I was going through the same thing with my 4 month old pitbull.
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    All puppies do this up to at least 6 months usually. It will calm down once its older.

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    if hes a puppy, [of course] hes teething, just like a baby. so hes going to constanly naw on things and tear them apart. my puppy did that and is just now stopping.. hes 2. but a golden retreiver. i dont really remmber much more that was really important..

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    puppies do that. be firm and say no. he will stp if you gently but firmly put your handaround his snot and firmly tell him no.

    and ceck with your local vet because puppies NEVER leave their mothers untill they are at least 6 weeks. go and check that everything is okay wit im.

    Source(s): dog training videos.
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    Kelsey answered you perfectly~

    Good luck, puppies are a huge commitment of time.

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